Darren Hilton Memorial Award


This award is in recognition of and to honour Darren Hilton.

Darren’s son James joined the HFH Club in the U7’s and progressed through the age groups. In season 2007/2008, Darren tragically died when James was a HFH U15’s player.

Darren was a likeable character, always smiling, cheerful and forever present to lend a hand.

He helped the HFH Club out no ends in many a situation, be it running round in his car, bringing his ladders from home, obtaining photocopies and also offering his expert IT skills. He is sorely missed.

In honour of Darren, the HFH U15’s players and parents at the time wanted to ensure his legacy lived on in the memories of the HFH Club.

Consequently, the “Darren Hilton Memorial Award” was born.

Since Darren attended every fixture primarily as a parent (though this didn’t stop him wanting to do his voluntary bit for the HFH Team/Club), it was decided to let the parents select the winner of the award.

The winner would be known as the ‘PARENTS PLAYER OF THE YEAR’.

To further enhance Darren’s name, it was agreed that the shield should remain with the HFH U15’s age group, season upon season.

Nice one Daz – you were one of the best and will always be remembered by the Halton Farnworth Hornets.

2007 – 2008

Jack Williams

2008 – 2009

Lewis Whity

2009 – 2010

No Team

2010 – 2011

No Team

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