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Halton farnworth Hornets club photograph 2012

The Halton Farnworth Hornets A.R.L.F.C is an amateur rugby league club based in Widnes with a history going back to 1975.

Today the club is a product of a merger back in 2002-03 of two of the towns best known teams the “Halton Hornets” and the “Farnworth Ring O Bells”.

The Halton Farnworth Hornets operates from Wilmere Lane and has a passionate belief that rugby is for all ages, as well as running the areas only annual summer school for toddlers it supports teams from U7′s right up to the Masters age group.

Halton Farnworth Hornets Rules & Bylaws Halton Farnworth Hornets Constitution

Executive Team Officers – Contact Details & Role Descriptions

Chairperson: Brian Tobin
Email: [email protected]

Role Description: To oversee the business of Club meetings and act as the principal officer of the Club with overall control, giving direction, keeping focused and giving structure. Ultimate responsibility for taking decisions on behalf of the ET following consultation with its officers.

Club Secretary: Ian Yates
Email: [email protected]

Role Description: To achieve the effective management, coordination, communication and smooth running of all administrative tasks within the Club.

Head of Finance: Jimmy Dodd
Email: [email protected]

Role Description: To be responsible for the financial management of the Club’s accounts and financial dealings and reporting to the Club Chairperson.

Head of Registration: Frank Hyland
Email: [email protected]

Role Description: To ensure that all players and team coaches (where applicable) and all relevant registration forms are registered and recorded by the HFH Club and also with the appropriate Governing Body as their guidelines dictate and to maintain an accurate and up to date Loyalty data base.

Head of Club & School Development: Andy Attwood
Email: [email protected]

Role Description: To provide the linking together of hands to enable young people to make a safe, helpful and seamless move from the school environment to that of the Club environment. It is essential that the sport remains fun but also exciting and productive as far as the Club is concerned.

Head of Events: Bren Houghton
Email: [email protected]

Role Description: To effectively and efficiently create, plan and manage successful Sporting and Social Events. To have overall control recruiting, motivating and managing any Sporting or Social Event Teams ensuring each runs smoothly , on time and on budget.

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