Each year we recognize those members who have gone that extra mile in supporting both team and club efforts, these special awards offered to volunteers and players alike in some small way acknowledge the invaluable contribution of these individuals and their efforts in ensuring we remain Halton’s Club of Choice.

Under pinning club awards we annually recognize those individuals who have remained loyal to our club by presenting them with a certificate for reaching key membership milestones here at Halton Farnworth Hornets A.R.L.F.C.

Graham Fenney

Dave Walsh Presidents Trophy

The 2012 award winner  is Graham Fenney.

Joe Martin Volunteer Award

The 2012 trophy is presented to Peter O’Donnell.

Colin Fillingham Award

The 2012 award winners are Daniel Simpson & Lewis Dodd.

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5 Year Loyalty Awards


U10’s 2012 Players

  • Ben Catton
  • Jack Conlan
  • Lewis Dodd
  • Ben Phillips

U10’s 2012 Volunteers

  • Rachel Conlan
  • Brian Catton

U11’s 2012 Players

  • Jack Burke
  • Louie Corker
  • Billy Glover
  • Joe Mason
  • Daniel Miller
  • Sam Porter
  • Sam Walters

U11’s 2012 Volunteers

  • Nicola Corker
  • Andy Corker
  • Peter O’Donnell

U13’s 2012 Players

  • Daniel Munroe
  • James Owens

U15’s 2012 Players

  • Matthew Tyrer

Well done & thanks to all of the above, if you feel a member of our club has gone that extra mile & deserves recognition for their contribution to the HFH please let us know 2013 awards will be communicated next year.

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